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Delivering digital reminiscence therapy in care home environments

We understand that in a care home environment there are many challenges to providing excellent care for your residents, particularly for those living with dementia.  Our frustration-free games provide an opportunity to improve connection; they stimulate laughs, smiles and conversations between residents, caregivers and families.  


Our games have been successfully used to distract residents from necessary therapies, de-escalate aggression and encourage positive behaviours.


Memory Lane Games can be provided to you fully branded and personalised so that it can be incorporated easily into residents’ care plans.   Simple to use and affordable, Memory Lane Games is a powerful tool and positive benefits can be experienced almost immediately:

Features of our care home product:

Improves quality of family visits

Improves carer experience and effectiveness

Improves resident well-being and adherence

Alerts potential changes in health outcomes through gameplay data

Differentiates your service and adds value to your business

For care home enquiries please email [email protected] to hear more about how we can add value to your care home business

Offline 1st gameplay (no WiFi required to play) 

Professional video-based training for staff on how to maximize engagement


Fully branded and customized for your business

No IT integration required  

Simple user interface: frustration-free gameplay 

Privacy-compliant remote-monitoring reporting

 Full support and training

Content covering 100+ countries 

Data-rich monitoring platform and reporting


Would you like to learn more about introducing

Memory Lane Games

in your organization?

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