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Carer Support

At Memory Lane Games we are supported by health care specialists in dementia and speech and language.  Their feedback has been invaluable in creating a solution that can make a real difference to those living with dementia and their carers. 

“I use Memory Lane Games with my clients and I am able to get much more done while they are happily playing!”  Carer, England


Memory Lane Games is a useful tool to calm, distract, occupy and stimulate positive interactions. The app provides an enjoyable and frustration-free experience for people living with dementia of all kinds and helps to support the important job that carers do.


“The Covid-19 pandemic has in many cases worsened or hastened the decline of dementia patients and made the job of carers even more challenging.  It is clear to see the negative consequences of social isolation on the vulnerable and anything which can help address this is valuable.  We hope our app provides an easy way to do so.”  Peter Quayle – COO & Co-Founder Memory Lane Games.


We are excited to be starting a clinical trial with Hospice Isle of Man soon which will measure the impact of the use of the app on the mood of both those living with dementia and carers.  More details can be found here.


“I was so excited for my patient to be able to get through essential medical procedures with a greater sense of calm.  We were given a situation bound for tears and testing noncompliance, and we ended with a situation full of smiles! Memory Lane Games reaches lives many believe to be unchangeable, it helps create an environment that fosters human connection.  It can change a situation that feels impossible into something moldable.” 

Kait – Speech and language pathologist. USA

Download the app now to see how Memory Lane Games can make a difference to your patients.  

“The app enables carers

to reinforce positive memories; patients will be very happy when talking about those memories and it improves overall mood.” Dr Jemellee Cano – Board member Azheimer’s Disease International.

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