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Meet the Team

Leadership Team

US Team

Cristin Califf 

New Jersey Representative

Bill Lusk CSA

Arizona Representative

Kait Russo

Speech & Language Pathologist 

Bruce Elliott

CEO and Co-Founder

Executive Director

Peter Quayle BSc, CEng, MBCS, CITP

CFO and Co-Founder

Executive Director

Helen McAskill RN

Chief Clinical Officer

Brian Hall CDir FIoD

Executive Chair

Lisa Karran BA (Hons) DipM MIoD

Chief Operating Officer

Executive Director

Josh Middleton BSc

Chief Technical Officer

Want to join our team?

We offer opportunities for those who want full-time or flexible work, in-office or work from home, to help us create localised games.  If you are a competent PC user and enjoy online research contact us to find out more! 

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