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Getting to 'Know Dementia, Know Alzheimer's' for World Alzheimer's Day

Episode Description

In this episode of The Dementia Podcast, Bruce is joined by Magda Tsolaki, Professor of Neurology and founder of the Greek Alzheimer Association. Magda founded the Greek Alzheimer Association in 1995 and has since founded the Greek Federation of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in 2007. She has given more than 656 lectures throughout Greece and has participated in more than 60 funded research programmes and 31 funded clinical trials. In total, she has received 73 awards. Magda is a highly successful researcher, author and public speaker and we are so excited to have her as a guest on this episode!

During this special episode for World Alzheimer's Day, Bruce and Magda discuss how she first founded the Greek Alzheimer Association and the amazing work she has been doing for Alzheimer's research since. Magda shares her experience of trialling the use of cognitive games to support those living with Alzheimer's and Dementia in day homes and the impact which the Memory Lane Games app could have on both residents and their caregivers.

Excitingly, Magda goes on to share the Greek Alzheimer Association's plans for World Alzheimer's Day and what she thinks we can do to better support caregivers of those living with Alzheimer's and Dementia.

The Dementia Podcast, from Memory Lane Games, hears from experts and people touched by dementia to explore how we can all create a better future for people affected by it. Find Memory Lane Games in the app store and play hundreds of dementia-friendly games for free.

Listen below or click this link to open Spotify.

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