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Holistic Care and Dementia-Friendly Tech

In this first episode of The Dementia Podcast, our host, Memory Lane Games Co-founder and CEO, Bruce Elliott, is joined by Helen McAskill, registered nurse Director of Clinical Development and Research. Helen shares her experiences of dementia care and the opportunities she sees for technology to improve quality of life for patients, and enhance experiences for carers.

Memory Lane Games is a dementia activities app that is designed to trigger positive memories and start wonderful conversations between dementia patients and their carers. During the conversation, Bruce and Helen discuss their first meeting, the impact of holistic care for dementia patients, reminiscence therapy and the future of dementia care.

The Dementia Podcast, from Memory Lane Games, hears from experts and people touched by dementia to explore how we can all create a better future for people affected by it.

Listen below or click this link to open Spotify

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