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A cartoon of an elderly man in a hospital bed holding an ipad and a man in a white coat standing alongside.  Both are smiling.

Our Dec. 2022 Dementia Clinical Trial Highlights

Triggering Positive Memories

Cartoon of an elderly man in a hospital bed playing a game on a tablet.  A man in white coat is standing alongide.  Both are smiling.

Triggering Positive Memories

  • 92% of carers felt the app made them more relaxed.

  • 67% of carers felt the app made them happier.

  • 66% of carers believed that time spent using the app was worthwhile

  • 58% of carers believed it had helped the person with dementia communicate more.

  • 42% of carers felt the app helped them communicate more with their loved one.

Cognitive Exercise

Reigniting memories with simple, frustration-free games to support care and improve the quality of life for people living with dementia and age-related cognitive decline.


Connect & Reminisce

Connect and engage with loved ones or someone you care for with games created from their own memories or play from the huge library of existing games to create new experiences and moments to cherish.

Carer Support

Free, professionally curated reminiscence and speech and language activity games to calm and support people living with dementia.


Clinically Endorsed

Certified by ORCHA, prescribed by GPs and neurologists in the Philippines and RCT Clinical Study underway. 


3,000 frustration-free games that get people talking!

Play our games to reminisce, trigger positive memories and start wonderful conversations

Choose from 1,000s of games with topics like;  

-classic cars







 -local foods and more!

Bespoke content for, and created by Health Care Professionals, including Speech and Language activity games.

Group 820redo.png

New: "Turn your own memories into games"

Easily personalise games with your own pictures to create fun and frustration-free reminiscence opportunities for those you care about.


Photos of Photos. Images from your camera roll. Search from the web. All easy to do within our app. Only you have access to your games!


Would you like to learn more about introducing

Memory Lane Games

in your organization?

"I prescribe the app as a brain exercise for those affected by quarantine restrictions."

Dr Jemellee Cano

Neurologist, Philippines

"Always on hand,

even on the night shift."

Anonymous Carer

Northamptonshire Registered Managers Network

"It is simple, yet sophisticated, and as a Geriatric Care Manager, it's the best app I have yet to find."


Geriatric Care Manager UK

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