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Rekindle the Joy in Your Time Together

Shown to make a valuable difference , Memory Lane Games is
the engagement app for Alzheimer's and dementia.
of caregivers felt the Memory Lane Games app made them more relaxed
2022 published Randomized Controlled Trial
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As Seen

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I heard stories from my Mom, that I’d never heard before
I can tell you that the app has changed the life of my wife with dementia
Reminiscing with the games is a great conversation-starter with my Dad, I love it!
Just played it with my 96 (almost 97) year olf mum and she absolutely loved it. Really good for getting her talking and remebering things
For the first time in a long time it felt like my mother was back in the room

A Combined Approach

1. The App
that helps you connect

app on tablet and phone

2. The Support
you need to care & cope

After a dementia diagnosis families are often left shocked and isolated with no clear pathway, treatment support or advice. Backed by decades of experience, Memory Lane Games offers a range of support for those caring for loved ones:

  • Tips, hints, education and resources

  • Q&As, video help and more

Try Some Games

memory lane games cats and dogs game on mobile

Cats & Dogs

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Classic Westerns

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1960's Music

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How we make a difference?

Our frustration-free app consists of games specifically designed to stimulate visual reasoning, memory and speech centers of the brain. Playing the app's games on topics of interest is simple and triggers positive memories, conversation and reminiscence. The effect is calming, settling and reassuring for someone living with dementia or Alzheimer's and enjoyable and beneficial for caregivers too!

Games on personal interest are highly effective for engagement.

game choices

more than a game...

Enjoying Meaningful Moments
Helping a young person bridge the generational gap to connect with a grandparent with dementia is just one of the ways meaningful moments are created...
Learn More
Creating Cognitive Connections
Visual stimuli, conversation, reasoned decision making, access of long term memory, emotion and motor skills are all triggered during game play with surprising benefits...
Learn More
Caring for the Caregiver
You don't have to face this alone. Our customers are supported in caring for their loved ones by experts with decades of experience...
Learn More
of caregivers felt the app made them happier

Frustration free games to stimulate conversation, reminiscence and trigger positive memories

  • Backed by a library of thousands of games
  • Diverse, international & multicultural
  • Successfully used to address wandering and sundowning
  • Stimulates speech & language centers of the brain
  • Reduces agitation and repetitive behaviors
  • Sparks engagement with their interests
  • No time-limits or scoring
  • Playable offline (once downloaded)
game benefits

Thousands of games on hundreds of topics

Curated game library for your loved one

variety of game topics

Classic Cars






...and many more

Start playing today to

uncover old memories and create new ones


of caregivers believed that time spent using the app was worthwhile

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