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Meaningful Moments

It is not just people with a diagnosis of dementia that are impacted by it.

Families often feel helpless to make a difference to their loved one’s quality of life

Playing Memory Lane Games together is an opportunity not only to empower someone with dementia but it provides a:

  • pathway for conversation and connection between all generations
  • therapeutic experience for your loved one
  • distraction
  • source of conversation

Bridging the Gap

grandma with dementia

With something in our games catalogue to suit everyone, you’ll soon have everyone from toddlers to teenagers wanting to visit granddad to play Memory Lane Games and show off their iPad skills too.

  • Bringing generations together to share fun and stories

  • Unlock tales from the past and create new cherished memories

  • Reconnect with loved ones about happy times and the things that they love

  • Break the pattern of repetitive or difficult conversations

  • Reduce anxiety, improve mood, and boost overall well-being for everyone!

Everyone deserves access to meaningful experiences regardless of their cognitive abilities

Whether you're a caregiver, a family member or friend, our reminiscence games can help you to create lasting memories and meaningful moments with the people you care about.
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