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happy reminscence december

Wishing everyone ‘Happy Reminiscence’…this December

The festive season is often a time to reflect and observe closely held family traditions but for those caring for someone with dementia, this reflection can further highlight the shared experiences that have been lost to a failing memory. 

Long standing traditions and memories however are often the last to go for someone with dementia and the power of evoking these memories and the potential ease of doing so is beautifully portrayed in this year’s Christmas Chevrolet advert.

If you haven’t watched it yet – we highly recommend you have a tissue handy!

Chevrolet: a holiday to remember.

In designing the advert, Chevrolet consulted with the Alzheimer’s Association, with Chevrolet’s marketing team really digging into the power of reminiscence therapy.  

Chevrolet marketing boss Steve Majoros said about the advert,  “We talked a lot about this notion of reminiscence therapy – not that it’s a cure or a solve, but the power of music, the power of memories are things that can enable the person going through it to feel more comfortable. And the people that are the caregivers that are surrounding them, to also feel more comfortable,” added Majoros.

At Memory Lane Games we are aware of the power of reminiscence, after all our app is based on the concept of evoking and talking about memories.  The wonderful feedback we hear from our customers tell us it works and our early positive trial results show a positive impact on happiness, wellbeing and communication. 

You don’t need a ‘72 Suburban in the garage and a granddaughter available to drive it, to take a trip down memory lane this Christmas.  The Memory Lane Games app has over 3000 dementia-friendly reminiscence games on familiar places like Saginaw – Michigan and hobbies like Classic Cars as well as games about Christmas.   All are designed to trigger positive memories and get people with dementia remembering and connecting more with their families and caregivers across generations.  

From the whole team here at Memory Lane Games we wish you a peaceful and joyful Christmas.  

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